Ashea – Graduating Student

“When I first enrolled into KMG 2 years ago, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but after a few days I started to really like it. All of you teachers has been so supportive and caring. Not only is this a school, but also a family. When I first started here, I was certain I wasn’t smart enough to graduate. But you guys really helped me and showed me that it really isn’t that hard if I tried. I know somedays I didn’t make if easy for everyone but I’m so thankful that you all didn’t give up on me. Throughout my time here I struggled, not just at school, also at home. But I knew I could come to you guys. I am really going to miss coming here everyday, but most of all I’m going to miss being a part of the KMG family. Thank you all the amazing two years here are KMG.”