Kutta Mulla Gorinna offers an educational program for students in Years 7 – 12 which is designed to provide a positive and engaging learning environment. As a Special Assistance School, we encourage each student to achieve success in reaching their personal goals. Every student can learn and will be able to demonstrate progress in their learning.

Our approach ensures a cohesive response to diverse learning needs and consistent practice in a culture of ongoing improvement which sets expectations, monitors students’ progress with discussion of student achievement data, and supports student learning with quality teaching focused on improving the achievement of every student on an individual basis.

Kutta Mulla Gorinna is delivering a curriculum that is;

  • Specifically, for students who are disengaged
  • Designed to engage those students back into their learning and
  • Designed to offer those students real choices about pathways they take post school.

Therefore, our School has:

  • A focus on individual students and their growth and development
  • Appropriate ways in which to assess and diagnose the learning of each child
  • Learning will be student-centred
  • Students will develop at their own rate and be assessed and moved forwards accordingly
  • Appropriate therapist, youth workers and other support staff will work closely with teachers and students
  • Elders and community members will be critical to growing the cultural and social identity of each student
  • Education is viewed as a critical step to future independence and success in life – whether the ultimate choice is a VET or academic pathway or self-employment through entrepreneurial skills

We offer an alternative pathway in senior schooling for those persons who wish to engage or further their learning within their year 11 and 12 educational program. This pathway will lead to success for many of our students.

As part of our school’s endeavor to ensure each student has a successful experience with senior schooling, the process used to manage course selection, learning and assessment will focus on the relationship between a student and their Year Level Coordinator and class teachers.

Our goal is to ensure each student is offered the best opportunity to achieve his/her full potential. All students will study Mathematics Essentials and English Essentials and a variety of Vocational Education and Training over their two years.