Parents interested in sending their student/s to Kutta Mulla Gorinna Special Assistance School need to read and follow the instructions given below. To enrol your child in at Kutta Mulla Gorinna Special Assistance School please Contact administration between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm to organise an Enrolment pack, or head in and collect from the Administration office.

Application for Enrolment

  1. Applications must be made on the KMG SAS official referral/application forms. Referring parties and parent/carers of the student must sign the relevant forms.
  2. While application is a pre-requisite to admission, it is not guaranteed of admission. KMG SAS reserves the right to offer a place to any applicant irrespective of date of application. Reasons for non-admission are not limited to;
    1. No places available at the student’s year level
    2. The KMG SAS cannot provide adequate resources and support to meet the student’s needs
    3. Unresolved issues between the student and other student/s currently enrolled at the school that may breach Child Safety or Duty of Care

Enrolment Capacity of the School

Kutta Mulla Gorinna Special Assistance School will always attempt to cater for all students that apply. The school makes reasonable adjustments to accommodate all students. While reasonable adjustments are made, Kutta Mulla Gorinna does offer some activities which may not be suitable for all students. Such activities may include gym use, vocational education and training and excursions. 

Kutta Mulla Gorinna caps enrolments. The reason for this is that small class sizes are maintained, to cater for the individual needs of each student. Even when the total Special Assistance School population falls below the defined enrolment limits, vacancies may not necessarily exist. Enrolment applications are preferred at the beginning of the year; however, applications are welcome any time during the year.

Admission to the School

  1. Admission to Kutta Mulla Gorinna is conditional upon the Executive School Director or delegate, being satisfied as to the suitability of the student.
  2. Admission to Kutta Mulla Gorinna is with that the Executive School Director has understanding that the student and their family respect the nature and identity of the school and agree to support and contribute to it, commit to supporting the school values, accept that indigenous people/s are integral to the school’s existence.
  3. All students and carers must be willing to abide by The school policies and procedures, and Health and Safety requirements.  
  4. The offer of a place at Kutta Mulla Gorinna will only be made after receipt of a complete application and supporting documents, as outlined on the school’s Application for Enrolment Pack and the interviews have been completed.

Important Notice

All student’s applying for a place at Kutta Mulla Gorinna School must meet the definitions in Section 14 of the ‘Act’ in being ‘relevant student’ which means students who would not otherwise be;

  • Enrolled at and attending school while of compulsory school age
  • Participating in an eligible option full time or in paid employment for at least 25 hours each week, during the compulsory phase; and 
  • Are not previously registered, or registered for home education under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, chapter 9 part 5

Download an Enrolment Package.

Please contact 48294302 for your Enrolment Package and our administration officer will arrange a copy for you:

Kutta Mulla Gorinna School 
PO Box 439
Mackay, QLD, 4740